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     The Mission Clinic that Conquers Tumors, Cancer and Chronic Disease with Natural Medicine

     The Integrative Cancer Therapy Concept at The Mission Center is individually adapted to each cancer patientís particular needs. The staff of physicians, directed by James C. Gunier, D.H.M. Ph.D., combines a variety of treatment modalities. The Mission Therapy Concept has been successfully used in many forms of malignancies.

     Tumor Reduction Therapy is a treatment modality developed and researched by Dr Gunier at The Mission Center. Non aggressive and non-toxic and very effective. safe when combined with all other cancer therapies.

     It increases survival time and quality of life of all those who take advantage of its many benefits.

     The Mission Medical Center's programs are unique because of the range of treatment modalities available for every phase of the program. While some wholistic clinics may specialize in or promote a few treatment modalities (like chelation, laetrile, H2 O2 or juice fasting), our Center has obtained and developed a total of over 100 including the above which are available for our patients.

     Non-Toxic formulations from Europe, Asia and Latin America are constantly being clinically studied and evaluated for their applicability in our own laboratory which has yielded a number of important Tumor reduction therapies. Our Mission is to be on the cutting edge of non-toxic medicine from every tradition, and to make all of these therapies available to those in need.

     Because each person and his or her illness is unique, our individually tailored combinations of modalities are the secret behind our success rate.

     It is now possible to participate in a state of the art, integrated health treatment program that utilizes the significant advances in the field of Complimentary Alternative Medicine.




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