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September 7, 2007

     My first meeting with Dr. Gunier was in 1990. My mom had taken my grandmother to Dr. Gunier after a terrible stroke that left her in a vegetation state. He had improved her health to the point that she could remember where all of her property was, what was owed, how much was in her each bank account, etc. My mom suggested that I come home from college for a semester to see this 'amazing doctor" that several of my siblings had also seen. I was weak and tired to the point of not being able to do my studies. It felt like I had mono. My menstrual cycles had also stopped for a year and 3 doctors had told me that my ovaries were damaged and I would not be able to have children. Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Gunier, I felt stronger, had started my cycles, enrolled into a local university, and joined the university tennis team. That season of my life was the healthiest I had ever been.

     Sixteen years and three children later I found myself in another quandary. After my third child I started menopause at 38, quit producing estrogen, had exhausted my adrenals to the point of not being able to sweat, suffered insomnia, was terribly forgetful and came to a point I could not put together a shopping list. I had been to eight doctors with opinions ranging from I needed to take a break and rest, to it was mental, to take medication. My mom at the time happened to be taking my dad to Dr. Gunier for double pneumonia (which he cured within one week). I tagged along with my parents and within 3 days I had started my cycle again, was sleeping through the night, and could sweat at the gym. I was completely normal again. It was night and day.

     My 7 year old son also saw Dr. Gunier for these strange sores on his body. He had taken medicine and was treated for staff infection but broke out with more sores that looked unfamiliar. Within 3 days of seeing Dr. Gunier, all of his sores were gone and he has not had a reoccurrence.

     My two year old daughter has been under his care for the past 3 weeks. Two days after she was born she was a "failure to thrive baby". We have spent 2 years in specialists' offices as well as a year of occupational therapy. As a last resort (because the malnutrition was beginning to affect her brain and she had been at 19 pounds for 5 months) the endocrinologist wanted to put her on an epilepsy medication that had the side affect of an appetite. The pediatrician wanted to hospitalize her for observation and study. No doctor had a clue to what was wrong with her. She had so much blood work and tests done on her small body. Dr. Gunier said that he didn't think that this was that big of a problem to solve. From the first day she saw him (3weeks ago) her appetite started to increase starting with eating 3X the amount. She is currently eating 5X the amount of what she started at and has put on 3.8 pounds in 3 weeks. She is also speaking in 3 word sentences from just repeating words. I am taking her by the pediatrician's office today to let him weigh her for himself and let him know that no more tests are necessary. It is absolutely amazing how balancing the body can heal itself.

     We are truly blessed to have come in contact with Dr. Gunier and experience healing through all his knowledge. Thank You!

Jilinda D.


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