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February 2003

Dr. James Gunier, founder of The Mission Clinic, with patient Maria V., celebrating her 3-year victory against Ovarian Cysts and Fibroid Tumors.

Mission Medical Center
“Victory Celebration”


 Maria V.

     In February of 2000, I consulted my long time friend and surgeon about the problems I was having with my female organs. He did a battery of tests including ultrasound and found a large Uterine Fibroid tumor and numerous cysts on my ovaries. He recommended I have surgery within 90 days. Fearful of surgery I then decided to consult with the Mission Clinic because they had in the past, successfully treated my son for a condition that I had also been told was hopeless except for surgery. I decided to give their program a trial of 5-6 months. I chose to do the Non-Surgical tumor removal program offered at the clinic. For a period of 6 months, I was to take a group of safe oral remedies by mouth that would have a solvent action upon tumors. With some skepticism, and fearful of the knife I began the program in late February.

     During the eighth week of the program, I began to discharge what appeared to be small white flakes. I was scared and contacted the clinic. I was told it was probably the tumor breaking up as this had sometimes happened to other patients undergoing the same treatment. I was passing what appeared to be about a quarter cup daily, this continued for approx. ten days and then stopped. 

     In May I noticed that my periods were returning to normal. Needless to say I was still scared and thought of having surgery. In June, I contacted the clinic telling them I was considering dropping the program and having surgery. I was told to have another round of tests and ultrasound. I was shocked to see and read the tests. My uterus and ovaries were in a perfect normal state with no sign of the growths and my blood tests were in the healthy range.  Elated, I wanted to share the good news with my surgeon. I sat down and presented the tests to him not explaining what I had done. For what seemed like a long time he just stared at the results. Then without asking me anything he threw the test results down upon his desk and stated that this was impossible because the images are clearly seen in the Ultrasound he had taken back in February. He then became angrier telling me to leave his office and that within six months I would be back to see him bleeding to death. 

     Well, it has been close to three years since I first began having those problems and my periods are normal and I feel I have a new life. The surgeon was wrong when he told me that the knife was the only answer to these growths. Thanks to Dr. Gunier and the Mission Clinic for my healing and continued good health.

Maria V.

Up Date May 10, 2006

Dear Dr. and Mission Clinic Staff,

     Six years ago this past February I came to you with a Fibroid Tumor and multiple Cysts on my ovaries. Well I am happy to report that I just completed my 6 year check-up with my Doctor/Surgeon who originally diagnosed me. He gave me a complete physical exam and ultrasound. He said that I am in perfect health and since the growths had not recurred for the past six years he considers me completely cured.  He said that he still does not know what you did for me in Mexico to bring about this miracle but that his hat goes off to you. Well I just want to say I am very grateful to all of you at the Mission Clinic and may God continue to bless your great work and heal all the patients that come to you.

Sincerely,  Maria V.

Up Date March 2007

Dear Dr.,

     You performed a miracle on me back in the year 2000 when I came to you with a uterine fibroid tumor and cysts on my ovaries. I recently had my yearly check-up that showed I am in perfect health with no recurrence of my former problems. I had begun treatment with you in February of that year and by June the growths had dissolved away naturally and have never returned in all this time. I am so thankful that I still have all my important organs God gave me at birth and especially thankful I did not have to undergo the awful and expensive surgery suggested to me by the surgeon.  

Sincerely, Maria V.


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