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What is RNA Regeneresen Therapy?

     RNA Regeneresen Therapy is an advanced form of cell therapy using the biological RNA nucleic substance to repair or replace damaged or destroyed cells in the human body. RNA is the life that surrounds every living cell and without it, no life would exist. Over forty years ago, Professor Dr. Dyckerhoff of Germany researched and developed over 70 RNA gland and organ extracts that stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells. His research indicated after a series of these injections, patients reported an increase in strength and vitality. And in some cases, restoration of normal function, especially diseases associated with the aging process. RNA Regeneresen is prepared in Europe under strict controls. It is a simple, safe and effective method of repairing and replicating aging or damaged cells. Prepared into serums, under government sanction, these young cells, when injected, provide nourishment to the old worn out glands and organs. As our body breaks down with age, it begins to lose this RNA. As a result, health related problems such as fatigue, memory loss begin to show up. Reported case histories using this therapy are astounding. Over 20 million injections have been given worldwide with no reported side-effects.

     Studies have shown that after an intramuscular injection of young fetal cells into the upper quadrant of the gluteus maximus (buttocks) they then travel through the lymphatic system, attach themselves to the weak organ, shedding old and dying cells, multiply and provide nourishment to weak and depleted organs. Example, researchers using radioactive tracers found that heart cells would only migrate to the heart, liver cells to the liver etc.

What Is Live Cell Therapy?

     Live Cell Therapy like RNA therapy is a general body revitalization therapy, formulated to strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of life. Pioneered in Switzerland, it has been researched and developed since 1931. This treatment is very common in Britain, Germany and Switzerland. There have been over 20 million doses of cellular therapy administered throughout the world since the first injection over 70 years ago with phenomenal success. There have been no reported side effects to this treatment.

     Live cell serums are minute glandular and organ protein fibers or extract preparations extracted from fetal or newborn cattle and sheep. These are normally prepared under strict laboratory and government regulations in European countries such as Germany or Switzerland. The United States is one of only a few countries that prohibit their people from receiving this life saving treatment. Thousands of Americans every year travel to foreign countries to have these injections.

     During our lifetime the body is continually aging and changing. The cells, that make up our immune system are dying and being replaced by new ones. Through stress, strain, disease and premature aging there comes a point where the rate of dying cells becomes more rapid then the rate of reproduction. The quality of the reproduced cells declines and so the deficiency of the organ of which they are a part, begins to decline. The result is an imbalance which, in some people, shows up in the nervous system, in others the digestive system and for some the endocrine system. It varies according to the weakness of that particular individual. With this therapy these areas are located and treatment given to strengthen the weakest points. If the liver and heart are weak then young heart and liver cells are injected.

     The proof of these facts is that not only has it been used for over 60 years, but the people who have undergone it, is impressive. Why do famous actors, great statesmen and millionaires who have at their disposal the best medical advice available in the world have this therapy? Because it works! The people who come for this treatment today are not just the wealthy wanting to be young again. They are people who are worn out, nervous, unhappy, with chronic degenerative diseases, who have found no answers to their health problems in the drugs and pills of orthodox medicine.

     Patients report that after a course of treatment they feel and look younger, have more energy, vitality and an improvement in their quality of life, which is reflected in their general well being and appearance. Patients say they feel more relaxed, better able to enjoy their lives. People tell them they look better because they reflect outwardly how they feel. Patients who take this sort of treatment are the ones who stand out from their friends as they look and feel so much better as their quality of lives are improved. Unlike the side effects of Growth Hormone treatments, there are no side effects with the above cell therapy.

     RNA REGENERATION and LIVE CELL THERAPY is of great therapeutic value. This is therefore the most natural way to treat all those illnesses which are caused by aging and stress.


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