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Each ml. contains:

Ribonuclease               0.030 mg.

Deoxiribonuclease        0.003 mg.

Vehicle c.s.                   1. 0 ml.

Reg. Nş 0038M81 S.S.A.

• Research has demonstrated that nucleases restrain the development of preparations of pathogenic viruses. The main mechanism of such antiviral action is the destruction of the bonds of viral nucleotides denaturalizing such viruses, destroying the genetic information and their infective characteristics. This action takes place when viruses lose their protective protein coat, after having entered the cell in the living macro-organism. There are circumstances where nucleases penetrate the hematoencephalic barrier, they have very low toxicity, they do not interfere with respiration, nor with arterial blood pressure, nor with the tone of involuntary muscles and they also do not have any toxic action over the central nervous system.

According to the microstructure of the viruses, RNAse is used in those cases of illness caused by viruses which contain ribonucleic acid, such as the viruses of parotiditis, laryngitis, encephalitis, meningytis, broncheolitis, equine encephalitis, enterovirus and viruses that cause liver, ovaric, of the upper respiratory via, mammal and pancreatic cancer, and even the rabies virus.

DNAse is used for the treatment of illnesses caused by viruses that contain deoxirribunuclease acid, such as adenovirus, the herpes viruses, of chicken pox and of some neuritis of viral origin. It has been determined that herpes zoster is also sensible to DNAse. Its application caused a quick reduction of the pain; and the hyperesthesia as well as dermic rash ceased. In the treatment of progressive sclerosis, the best results where obtained in those cases of mild and premature forms.

Nucleases have also been used in the treatment of acute brainspinal polyradyculo neuritis of Guillan-Barre-Landry, of brainspinal radyculoganglonitis and sympathic nodes of herpetic ethiology. DNAse restrained the development of symptoms of herpetic viral polyradyculoneuritis and in short period attained its complete remission.

In studies pertaining to oncological problems of viral origin a low concentration of local nucleases has been detected, which has been interpreted as a depletion of them or an  increase in the specific inhibiting agent present in cells. However, in other cases of viral infection at the seric level of nucleases is found to be high, which is interpreted as a deficiency of its excertion, it is worth pointing out that the best results have been obtained to significantly reduce metastatic dissemination. Most cancer patients treated with the combination of RNAsa and DNAse present an improvement of their general condition, pain relief, decrease of the timorous mass and frequently, the prolongation of their life. It has to be pointed out that this association  does not present secondary effects, very different to those caused by other chemotherapies.

It has been observed that a relevant trait of the action of nucleases is that several antibiotics increase significantly their sensitivity over pathogenic microbes and even anaerobic germs.





• Antiviral Enzymatic

• Cancer Treatment alternative





Dosification of this product corresponds to the age of the patient, his weight and the seriousness of the illness: from 1 to 5 ml. by intramuscular application every 12, 24 or 72 hours, to 25 ml. dissolved in 250 ml. of isotonic solution of sodium chloride every 12 to 72 hours.

From 2 ml twice a week via intramuscular to 5 ml daily for a 60 kg. adult, depending on the disease's seriousness.




In persons hypersensitive to nucleases. Pregnancy

source: http://www.manuell.com



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